Hydraulic grapples as multipurpose tools

The term hydraulic grapples is generally used to refer to log grapples for forestry applications, but the same definition can also identify crane and excavator attachments in a generic way. Hydraulic grapples are devices which consist of a central frame connected to 2 or more tines, operated by hydraulic cylinders. They are put in motion by the hydraulic circuit of the machine on which they are installed. They can be used for loading and handling a large variety of materials such as municipal waste, organic waste, scrap metal, dung, three branches, foliage, hay, dirt, gravel, sand, wallboards, bricks, etc.
Idrobenne manufactures a full range of crane attachments for different machinery like excavators, both tracked and wheeled, fixed cranes, truck cranes, stationary cranes, rail-road machines, agricultural machinery, forestry cranes, material handlers, mini excavators, skid loaders, forklifts, telescopic handlers and material handlers.
The main categories in which crane and excavator attachments can be divided are:

benne a polipoOrange peel grapples or polyp grapples

Multi-tine grapples for handling metal scrap, urban waste, paper, leather and firewood. See models PFO, PFO-P, PFV and PV.


benne bivalvi


Clamshell buckets

Hydraulic grapples designed for digging and for loading earth, gravel, mud, grain, wood chips, sand etc. See BMO/L, BMO/S, BMV and BMV/P line.


pinze per tronchi


Log grapples

Forestry equipment intended for applications like handling logs, tree trunks and branches. PTO and PTO/S series.


pinze selezionatrici

Sorting grapples

Hydraulic grabs to sort different materials and for environmental architecture. SG line.


pinze demolitrici

Demolition grapples

Excavator equipment, designed for light demolitions and for separation of waste in heavy-duty applications. See DG.


forche idrauliche

Hydraulic forks

Hydraulic grapples made to handle organic waste: PTO/SC, FMV and FLO.




pinze per manutenzione ferroviaria

Attachments for railway maintenance

Grapples for rail-road excavators, intended to lift rails and sleepers. Models PFS/T, PFS/R, PFS/C


pinze per cordoli di marciapiede

Kerb stone grabs

Hydraulic kerb stone grab for truck cranes and mini-excavators. KSG


forche per cartongessoDrywall forks

Also called Wallboard forks, series TPW


pinza strappamotoriEngine removal grab PS-2000


prodotti kinshoferKinshofer Products

Idrobenne is the Italian Importer of Kinshofer GmbH, the leading German manufacturer of crane and excavator attachments. Among the most popular product we can list: hydraulic rotators, barrier lifters, HPX buckets, bottle-bank discharge units, scrap shears, 3-axes manipulators and tiltrotators.


Idrobenne offers some products which cannot be defined hydraulic grapples. We refer to:

Grade blade or blade planner. It is an automatic grade blade capable of adjusting its position to reproduce the plane indicated by a 2D or 3D electronic system. It can transform a compact machine in a perfect instrument for leveling in the construction of industrial buildings, road works, parking lots etc. The blade planner is fast and reduces the material waste, while simplifying the operator's task.

Pallet forks. These are simple, mechanical forks to lift palletized goods. TP pallet forks are very common in the construction field. Idrobenne offers 4 models of forks, all with Kg.2000 capacity and adjustable height. They are available in different versions, depending on the geometry (self-balancing or manual adjusting) and the height of the load.

A full range of accessories for hydraulic grapples

Idrobenne offers a comprehensive range of accessories for buckets and hydraulic clamps, the most common of which are: hydraulic rotators, mechanical rotators, bolt-on digging teeth, scrapers or ejectors fur digging buckets and wear blades. On demand, the company can also manufacture adapters for quick couplers and tailor-made suspension links for any crane or excavator. A specific kit is also available for equipment working in marine (or salted) water

Italian production of grapples

Idrobenne hydraulic equipment has a high quality standard and is intended for professional operators. The company has chosen to make each and every product in Italy, at its production plant, according to the standards of ISO 9001 quality certification. The workshop is equipped with the ultimate precision machinery. The need to have an immediate and constant quality control has lead to the choice not to relocate the production in cheap labor countries. For this, Idrobenne’s hydraulic equipment is on the same quality level of the more famous brands, both Italian and international, like Rozzi, Minelli, Hultdins, Arden equipment, hgt, Verachtert and caterpillar. Idrobenne hydraulic clamps are recognized as products with an advantageous quality / price ratio. Idrobenne offers a comprehensive after-sales service and has all spare parts ready on stock, available for immediate delivery.

Crane attachments for forestry and agricultural lifting and handling

One of the most important field of application of hydraulic grapples and similar lifting and handling equipment are the truck mounted hydraulic cranes attachments. Truck cranes, which originally were conceived to load and unload the goods to be transported on the truck itself, are powered by a hydraulic pump driven by the truck engine and are generally made up of a base with extensible stabilizing traverses, a rotating column and by one or more telescopic arms. They are classified following their lifting capacity, which is expressed in tonnes / meter or in Kilo Newton / meter. Each hydraulic truck crane has its own load diagram. During the years, truck cranes have become more and more powerful and multitasking. Today they may go far beyond the simple loading of the single truck. It is precisely in this multifunctional lifting function, that truck cranes can feature a wide range of crane attachments, which cover the most diverse areas of industrial, forestry and agricultural lifting and handling.