Professional crane attachments by Idrobenne

Idrobenne offers an extensive range of attachments. All our crane attachments and excavator equipment have a rugged construction and are made in compliance with high engineering standards. The state of the art tools are built to meet or exceed the European safety regulations and come with the required tags and documentation, making them suitable for use throughout the world.

crane attachments

Non-stop product development

Product development at Idrobenne involves research using modern data models that guarantee reliable calculations and drawings. Each product undergoes stringent real world testing before it is introduced to the market. All crane attachments are produced in Italy, inside a controlled quality control environment and are made of high tensile steel. These factors all combine to guarantee the final quality. This has made Idrobenne a leading European manufacturer of hydraulic crane attachments and accessories for the past 25 years. With a wide range of hydraulic tools, from polyp grabs to clamshell buckets, you’re guaranteed to find the right equipment for your job. All attachments and accessories are designed using 3D Cad technology and built to the highest standards in construction machinery.


When tradition matters

Idrobenne is a family owned and managed company based in Italy, which has been manufacturing premium quality attachments for both crane and excavator applications for more than 25 years. The company has a strong heritage and excellent reputation for producing well engineered and reliable products. It was founded in 1994 by people who already boasted more than 30 years of experience in the same field of activity. Production is now run by the second generation and it has continued to grow. Now it builds a comprehensive range of lorry crane attachments. The sale network stretches throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia, offering premium line products for the scrap handling, construction, forestry and utilities sectors.


Sorting and demolition grapples

Idrobenne sorting and demolition grapples of the SG and DG product lines are designed to keep your demolition, salvage and recycling needs in mind. These sorting grabs are designed to be mounted by a rigid connection, which allows faster and more precise movements. The clamp operates as an extension of the excavator’s arm and ensures a great accuracy. On demand, Idrobenne can make or supply the adapters for the most common couplers. When needed, these tools can also equip lorry cranes, but in this specific case it must be supplied by an universal suspension link. Capable of moving volumes of material, combined with the ability to pick and sort through recyclables, they assure added profit to your everyday work.


Clamshell Buckets

Idrobenne has been producing premium quality clamshell buckets for different fields of activity. Construction materials are chosen among the best man can buy. Design is conceived internally and independently. Production is carried by skilful staff under ISO 9011-2015 quality management. The company has developed a range of buckets for truck cranes with specific features: BMO lines has horizontal cylinders. They are used for the handling and loading different materials like sand and gravel. BMV are digging buckets with vertical cylinders. They are the best attachments for construction. They are available in different models, with capacities ranging from 80 to 2000 liters.


Log Grabs

Designed for gripping and handling logs and timber, the Idrobenne log grabs have maximum grip accuracy and high loading capacity.

The company offers the PTO, light duty line for agriculture and the professional PTO/S line for HD forestry applications. Log grab have a gripping volume ranging from 0,1 to 1,3 square meters depending upon model. All attachments may be ordered with an universal link to suit every model of truck crane.


Polyp Grapples

Among his crane attachments, Idrobenne offers a wide range of orange peel grapples for waste and scrap recycling. The products of the series PFO and PV are state of the art polyp grapples for lorry cranes and excavators. Polyp grapples are available in different models and are used in a variety of fields of activity, from agriculture to metal scrap recycling, from forestry to underwater digging.



Designed for lifting, handling and positioning various materials, Idrobenne range of fork attachments are reliable and efficient for any type of load. The hydraulic forks are used in the agricultural sector for the handling of hay and manure.

Versatile and easy to use, Idrobenne forks are equipped with different combinations of teeth to allow maximum control during the operation of loading and unloading of materials.



A wide range of rotators are available to suit your equipment. Idrobenne offers gear-type rotators, vane rotators and slewing ring rotators. All of them are designed to be safely mounted on industrial vehicles, lorry cranes, forestry cranes, truck cranes, earthmoving machinery, loaders, hydraulic excavators and mini-excavators.

The gear-type rotator is made by concentric gears and produces a very high torque in compact dimensions. When releasing the hydraulic controls, these rotators provide a high braking force.

Vane rotators produce a good torque and gradual acceleration. This is the best option for small lorry and truck cranes. Slewing ring rotators are the simplest and the more robust mechanism. But they are very heavy and bulky and cannot be mounted on attachments for loader cranes.