Excavator grapples: a comprehensive choice of excavators grapples

excavator grapples

Idrobenne builds grapples for truck cranes, hydraulic excavators and material handlers. Handling grapples are suitable for a large variety of application, like metal recycling, scrap collection, log handling, forestry applications, earth moving, rock handling, landscape architecture and so on. Orange peel grapples and tined grapples can be used in scrap yards, ports, foundries and mills. Clamshell buckets are very popular in construction, where excavators can dig in the most different environments. Log grapples, thumb grab and forestry grab are used in agriculture, forestry and in constructions as well.

For all excavators grapples, Idrobenne offers some very important features, which can be describes as follows:

  • Solid construction based on more than 50 years of experience

  • High and low pressures available.

  • Special sizes and types upon request.

  • High tensile steel

  • Italian manufactured heavy-duty cylinders.

  • All shafts are heat-treated steel of adequate size to prevent breakage.

  • Furnished with replaceable bushings at all hinge points.

  • May be furnished with manual rotation or continuous hydraulic motor.

  • Heat-treated alloy steel combines light weight with rugged strength.

  • Grease fittings arranged to prevent accidental damage.

  • Furnished with connector to fit your boom point.

  • Generously dimensioned axes, up to 80mm pins

  • Adaptable to fit all types and models of hydraulic quick couplers for excavators.

European production of hydraulic grapples for excavators

Idrobenne makes hydraulic tools under the ISO 9001:2015 certification for a wide range of industries. It offers a wide range of attachment solutions. Each are engineered, balanced and tested to the best excavators on the market for minimal machine stress and optimal machine performance. Operators know that greater productivity and lower operating costs results in higher profits. In fact, having the right tools for the job can make the difference between success and failure. Idrobenne manufactures hundreds of powerful excavator grapples that are designed to improve your efficiency, increase your profits and provide you with years of productivity. Every Idrobenne product is made in the modern factory of Isorella (Brescia), Italy and it is backed with more than 50 years of experience in the specific sector of activity.

Material handling with construction machines

Idrobenne delivers innovative material handling solutions for the toughest applications. Choose from one of the industry's largest selection of material handling tools, all supported by quick and precise customer service and support. Idrobenne’s powerful excavator grapples are built to perform day after day, and to provide uncompromising quality that exceeds the demands for diverse material handling applications. See for yourself how Idrobenne provides the power to increase your productivity in material handling.

Demolition and recycling grapples

The Company offers a full range of attachments dedicated to high productivity and safety in demolition and recycling. These high-tech excavator grapples bring the big jobs down to size and help recover the full value of on-site commodities. DG Demolition grapples, PV orange peel grapples and SG sorting grabs SG add extra versatility to your fleet. They are just a few of the powerful attachment tools that will help you get started on your next success story.

Demolition grapple

Forks for agriculture

Agriculture is the lifeblood of any culture, and Idrobenne is providing the excavator grapples that make life easier across our diverse landscapes. From small log grapples PTO to light clamshell buckets BL, having tools built as tough as the people using them is the essential goal of our engineers and workmen. Every day our designers, agents and dealers work with end users of all types, to learn about what they need to accomplish. This important feedback is woven into every piece of equipment Idrobenne manufacturers and is directly responsible for helping to make one of the most appreciated attachment tools in the industry.

Forks for agriculture

Construction tools

Construction is the second-largest industry in Europe, and such an important part of our Family-Company. We know how important it is to have the best of the best in excavator grapples or lorry crane attachments to aid in this industry and help it continue to grow. From easy-to-use TP pallet forks to clamshell buckets, from laser-system guided blade planners to KSG kerb stone grabs, our quality attachments are second to none. We feel confident that every project manager, engineer and foreman will have what they need to get the job done.

Construction tools

Forestry grapples

The activity of log handling is as old as human beings, but the related industry keeps creating new ways to use, conserve and repair forests while meeting human and environmental needs. Having the correct tools to aid in this process is essential. At Idrobenne, we take pride in our equipment for the forestry industry. Our PTO and PTO/S log and forestry grabs are at the core of our forestry offerings. We guarantee you can count on our attachments to improve productivity and get the job done right.

Forestry grapples