For Idrobenne, sustainability means conducting our business with the utmost respect for the community in which we operate, adopting new technologies to reduce the environmental footprint and considering the company as part of a broader system, which transcends purely economic aspects.
Modern world face us to very complex challenges, ranging from the globalization of the economy to climate change, to the need for greater social equity.
Our nature as a family business leads us to do our best to guarantee a future for the new generations. We are convinced that economic security cannot be built at the expense of the planet. There can be no business ethics without social justice.
These are some of the stages in which our journey unfolds:

Solar power since 2007

Idrobenne was among the first Italian companies to believe in solar power. Today it has 3 powerplants for a total of 150 kW.



100% energy from renewable sources

From year 2020, all the electricity used by Idrobenne in the production cycle officially comes from renewable sources.



Explore our forest

Idrobenne chose to plant trees to withstand global warming and climate change. For this reason, starting from 2020, it gives real trees as a present to its customers.

The trees are managed by Treedom, a platform that deals with the planting and geolocation of plants, so that each customer can trace and monitor the trees he received as a gift.

The trees are then entrusted to farmers who  often live in developing countries. These people, in addition to taking care of the plants, collect the fruits, in order to contribute to the sustenance of local communities.

Over the years, with the help of its customers, Idrobenne dreams to create a real forest, which anyone can explore below: