Hydraulic grab for the handling of kerb stones - Kerb stone grab - Idrobenne s.r.l.
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Grapples for civil engineering


Kerb stone grab


Hydraulic grab for the handling of kerb stones.

Kerb stone grab
Kerb stone grab
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A revolutionary tool
Since UK has banned manual kerb lifting, IDROBENNE’s KSG line has become a real must for contractors.In fact, the new Kerb Stone Grab handling enables one person, using an excavator of between 1.5 and 10 tonnes or a truck mounted crane, to accurately lay individual kerb stones quickly and safely.
A new way to handle kerbs.
Custom designed by IDROBENNE and the UK Dealer Exac One to fit excavators or truck cranes, it enables the operator to pick up kerb stones accurately and easily from a pack and to place them to a line on the kerb race, with no need for manual assistance and with no damage to the kerb.
The grip width-wise
The genial and revolutionary thought is to grab the kerb stone grabs width-wise, and not length-wise.By this simple idea the KSG is a real one tool job, as it can put the kerbs one next the other, without any clearance. So it is not necessary to have a operator to align the kerbs by hand anymore.
Cut handwork costs
Operators has figured out a cut of – 60 % in handwork. This figure demonstrate that the pay-off period of the grapple is extremely short. The IDROBENNE kerb grab: work safe, work less.
Anti scratch pads
Both arms of the grapple have generously dimensioned pads, designed to prevent any scratch on the kerb stones.This is also a good point when the issue is saving money.
Rotation systems.
KSG line can be equipped with rotation devices, such as mechanical rotation (250°) or continuous hydraulic motor (360°). The rotation devices are flanged directly onto the flat top of the grabThese options enhance the versatility and productivity of the whole equipment.
The safety valve is fitted as standard.
The arm of the attachments is set in motion by an hydraulic double-acting cylinder equipped with a safety locking valve, to prevent any loss of the load in case of accident.
Structural quality.
KSG are made using high tensile strength steel (WELDOX – DOMEX).
Custom links.
The kerb stone grabs must be mounted on operating machines through a cardan link that allows “pendulum” movement in the four horizontal directions. IDROBENNE can supply custom-made links for any operating machine on the market
Hydraulic grab for the handling of kerb stones. (PAT. PENDING)
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Grapples for civil engineering modelS

         Dimensions mm.   
    Weight Kg. Max Load DaN Max Bar A B C D Oil flow l./min.  
  KSG, Kerb stone grab: model KSG - 80
30 - 160
20 - 40
KSG, Kerb stone grab: model KSG - 80
  KSG, Kerb stone grab: model KSG - 400
0 - 400
20 - 50
KSG, Kerb stone grab: model KSG - 400
  Technical design KSG, Kerb stone grab

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